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They Claimed Giving All Students Free School Lunches Would Raise Test Scores. Here’s What Happened


EPA regs likely to kill 68-year-old Louisiana peach orchard

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump Jr. Tells The Star that Tennessee is Crucial in the 2020 Election

Something lacking in Georgia city’s plans for municipal broadband


The Fast Emergence of Obamacare Fraud

Tennessee Department of Health Data Proves Nashville Officials Misled the Public on COVID-19 Claims

Despite bailout, Americans may someday buy GM cars made in China

My Pillow Inventor Mike Lindell in Nashville for Christian Revival Event

FOX News’ Brian Kilmeade Tells What Makes Tennessee Great During Nashville Stop


Tennessee public utility bigwigs ignore public criticism, take huge pay raises



Costs to make ABC’s ‘Nashville’ look authentic depends
on taxpayers


State-funded charging stations at Nashville airport drawing few customers


Hospitals making millions off 340B federal program meant to help needy


SBA gives business loan to woman now under federal indictment


Pricey new Tennessee logo source of ridicule, angst on social media

TN airports may lose money after FedEx gets big tax break (Part One)


Task force unclear on funding airports after corporate tax break   (Part Two)


FedEx got special tax break while keeping close ties to Haslam (Part Three)


The old clock stopped at 4:27

Government wants to compete against business in Johnson City (Part one of a three-part series)

Answers uncertain on whether taxpayers bail out BrightRidge (Part two of a three-part series)


Consultant might fleece Johnson City out of millions (Part three of a three-part series)

Anxiety Runs High (Page One and Page Two)

Fire Destroys Arlington Street Home

Local Man Rolls from Agony to Victory

Body of Missing Writer Found (Page One and Page Two)








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